Flower Girl Fashion at Fabulous Prices

Shop Around

Repeat after me: There's no shame in buying off the rack, especially for a flower girl who doesn't know any better!

Unless she's the progeny of a supermodel or A-list celeb, chances are your little cupcake will have no clue that she's wearing a department store purchase that wasn't custom-made for her petite frame. Here's the real kicker -- neither will your guests, particularly the men! So, don't waste hard-earned cash on a tailor-made flower girl gown that she'll only wear once.

Steer away from overpriced bridal boutiques and all their champagne-induced purchasing temptations. The salon where you buy your dress will offer apparel for everyone in your wedding party, from the maid of honor and junior bridesmaids to the flower girl -- and maybe even the mothers of the bride and groom. If there's a discount or special incentive attached, that's one thing. But a three-digit price tag on a flower girl dress that's simply guaranteed to be from the same dye lot as the bridesmaid gowns is another.

Instead, head to a discount bridal store, where you'll find a broad selection of sweet gowns and every accessory you could want to go with them. Even national department stores typically offer adorable flower girl dresses, shoes, crinolines, headpieces and tights for a fraction of what you would pay in a high-end boutique.

You'll be glad you avoided the couture route when the tiny angel dribbles chocolate fondue down the front of her dress. Sure, Posh or Madonna might look down her nose at your economical choice, but the chance of either of them accepting your invitation are, like, one in a hundred (million).