Dapper Dads: Dressing the Fathers of the Bride and Groom

Standing Out -- "Dad" Style

You don't have to dress identically to the groomsmen, but you shouldn't upstage the groom!
You don't have to dress identically to the groomsmen, but you shouldn't upstage the groom!
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So, now that you know what to wear, all you have to do is figure out is how you're going to wear it. It may seem like you've got limited options (tux? charcoal suit? linen pants?), but just because you're donning a penguin suit doesn't mean you're stuck in black and white.

Be sure to dress as least as formally as the groomsmen, regardless if you're the father of the bride or the groom. Depending on the groom's attire, you can choose to dress more formally than the groomsmen if you wish, but never one-up the man saying "I do," no matter how fierce your good-natured rivalry is!

Even if all the men in the wedding party are sporting the same tux, you can still show off that classic "Dad" style by changing up the vest or donning a one-of-a-kind boutonnière. If you're giving away your daughter, let her know that she'll always be in your heart by matching the flower on your chest to the blooms in her bouquet.

Regardless if you stand out with a custom-made suit or you blend into the wedding party with a standard tux, the most important thing to remember is that the child you raised has grown up and is leaving the nest for good. Sure, you have to dress the part for your kid's big send-off, but we guarantee you won't be thinking about the knot in your tie when you're watching your child up at the altar. You're just going to be glad you were there to see him or her pair up and take flight!

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