Beyond Bowties: 10 Formal Looks for Your Groomsmen

Aim for an Ascot
Nothing says "cooler than thou" quite like an ascot.
Nothing says "cooler than thou" quite like an ascot.

If you prefer the distinguished country gentleman look over Hollywood glitz, you might consider outfitting your groomsmen in tuxedos featuring elegant, Old World ascots.

Never heard of an ascot? Picture a necktie with wide ends on either side that are looped under the chin or double-knotted. Don't fret if you think your groomsmen aren't coordinated enough to handle such a feat. Although complicated in theory, ascots are actually very easy to handle (and you can always assign a bridesmaid or family member the task of making sure the guys get it right). Pair an ascot with a cutaway jacket, and you'll be sure to have the classiest wedding and reception around. That is, until your Uncle Ned gets drunk and does the Macarena. Nothing's going to class that up.