Beyond Bowties: 10 Formal Looks for Your Groomsmen

Just Beachy

Would anything look more out of place than a tux on a beach?

For seaside nuptials, many brides choose to go casual, with lighter, simpler gowns instead of cathedral-appropriate ball gowns. So, why not let the guys reap the same chilled-out benefit?

Beach-appropriate attire can range from chinos and a linen or Hawaiian shirt, to pressed slacks and a navy blazer. Since walking on the sand in shoes is often tricky, consider giving everyone a pass to roll up their slacks and go barefoot. By instituting such a lax dress code, you'll probably go down in the Wedding Hall of Fame among your circle of friends. It's widely accepted that most guys detest dressing up with a passion similar to that reserved for watching chick flicks.