Wedding Planning

If only weddings would plan themselves! Stay organized with these tips on everything from flowers and toasts to cakes and stationery.

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Wedding Registry Basics

You may think wedding registries are old-fashioned or even tacky. But take it from us: Your friends and family want to give you wedding gifts, and you're going to be much happier if those presents are items that you need and want.

Unforgettable Wedding Reception Venues

Your reception venue should reflect your tastes, personality and interests. Think outside the reception hall; you never know what's available to rent until you ask! Explore our album showcasing 19 unforgettable venues.

10 Best Wedding Movies of All Time

You're ready to walk the aisle, but sometimes the pressure of planning your big day can be too much. Relax. Take a breath. Pop some corn, pop in a DVD and hit the couch with your sweetie as we count down a handful of flicks to put you both at ease.

Should you go with infrared photography for your wedding?

Modern brides are constantly seeking new, innovative ways to capture their wedding-day memories. Infrared photography can capture the fantasy aspect of your big day in a totally unique way. These are the perks and pitfalls of this photographic style.

Save-the-Date Cards: Optional or Necessary?

For every two couples that send save-the-dates, there are two more who skip them. When the budget is tight already, do you really need to send an extra piece of paper that has to be addressed and stamped? We demystify the ultra-modern save-the-date card.

Why are wedding invitations so expensive?

Paper. It's commonplace in the form of a notebook, napkin or newspaper. But really nice paper -- like the kind you'll be using for your wedding invitations -- is pricy. And the ink isn't cheap, either.

Wedding Flowers Inspiration

Need some wedding flowers inspiration? In our gallery, find the perfect flowers for your ceremony and explore some unique and elegant wedding floral arrangements.

Showstopping Wedding Cakes

The bride is the focal point of the ceremony, but when the reception rolls around, everyone's going to be looking at the cake. Whether it's five tiers or two, the same basic rule applies: The cake has to taste as good as it looks!

The 5 Best Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners can be a little eccentric. Opinionated. Expensive. So, why would you ask a virtual stranger to organize every detail of the most special day of your life? Here are five good reasons.

10 Things Your Wedding Planner Doesn't Want You to Know

It's the most special day of your life, and that's why you hired a wedding planner to coordinate every last details. But she's not going to see you down the aisle without keeping a few secrets. These are the things she'd rather you not know.

10 Completely Unique (and Totally You) Wedding Venues

Your wedding venue should be an expression of who you are and what you want to remember about the big day. We'll guide you through options that are unique, memorable and entertaining.

10 Short and Sweet Quotes to Use for a Wedding Toast

No one likes a long, drawn-out wedding toast. Guests want to clink glasses and get on with the night! Keep your speech short and sweet with one of these quotes and a few words of your own. Our favorite quotes work for the bride, groom, their parents and their attendants.

You know you're in the presence of a bridezilla when...

Unlike the boogeyman, the bridezilla is a very real -- and very terrifying -- creature, posing a threat to bridesmaids and grooms alike. How can you tell if you're in the presence of a bridezilla?

10 Tips for a Child-friendly Wedding

Kids bring a little levity and welcome whimsy to weddings. But the under-12 crowd won't be too excited about your prime rib carving station and string quartet. Here's what will make them (and their parents) happy.

You know you're a laid-back bride when ...

You are the original cool girl. And with your don't-worry-be-happy attitude, no one's worried about you turning into Bridezilla before the big day. Your style is beachy fresh -- the simpler, the better. HowStuffWorks toasts you, the laid-back bride!

You know you're a Type A bride when...

Type A brides, stand proud! You are traditionalists with fierce attention to detail. You are the wearers of lace and carriers of white roses. You are the darlings of the wedding industry (and subscribers to every wedding magazine).

You know you're a modern bride when ...

It's not that you're too good for tradition. Ball gowns and string quartets are just a little conventional for your taste. You're smart, chic and sophisticated, and you want the world to see that on your wedding day. We at HowStuffWorks tip our hats to you!

10 Wedding Planning Must-dos Before the I-dos

If only it were as simple as picking a china pattern and choosing the boutonnieres. Getting married is a life-changing event, and this glamorous event comes with some not-so-glam to-dos. Have you checked these 10 off your list?

How to Stock the Bar for Your Wedding Reception

It's a time-honored tradition to celebrate your wedding day with spirits, but stocking the bar for the reception can be more difficult than you think. How much alcohol should you get, and what should you do if you're on a budget?

10 Mother-son Dance Songs for Your Wedding

Words can't express the bond between a mother and son. So, what song should they dance to at his wedding? Here's our 10 favorites.

10 Songs We Beg You Not to Play at Your Wedding

Everyone has a song that's a guilty favorite, but we beg you to keep these 10 songs on your MP3 player where they belong.

10 First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

It's your first dance together as husband and wife, so what song should you dance to? You can't go wrong with a tune from this list.

10 Classic Father-daughter Dance Songs

He was the man in your life for the first 18 years, so be sure to honor Dad on your wedding day. Whether you want to share a laugh while you're spinning around the dance floor, or cry on Daddy's shoulder to a sentimental ballad, we've got a song for you.

10 Creative and Cost-saving Wedding Invitations

The stationer priced out your invitations at $6 apiece -- and your guest list totals 150. That's a lot of money to spend on a piece of paper that most people will throw away! With a little legwork and creativity, you can put together a more meaningful invite that will cost far less.

Can I afford a wedding?

Weddings can cost a fortune -- but they don't have to. Use this list to figure out which wedding basics you need and which ones you can pass on.