Wedding Speeches & Toasts

The idea of giving a wedding toast can be intimidating for some, thrilling for others. These articles have tips for every speaker.

Delivering the perfect wedding toast is no easy task. People get flustered and emotional on such a momentous occasion. We can excuse some muttering and nervous laughter, but we can't forgive any of these 10 toasting transgressions.

Whether you love or loathe public speaking, it's intimidating to give a speech about your very best friend. You want it to be sweet, sincere, funny -- maybe even tear-jerking. Here are five ways to craft a memorable maid of honor speech.

No one likes a long, drawn-out wedding toast. Guests want to clink glasses and get on with the night! Keep your speech short and sweet with one of these quotes and a few words of your own. Our favorite quotes work for the bride, groom, their parents and their attendants.