5 Stories of Real-life Wedding Crashers

Crashing True Love
You never know where you're going to meet your future spouse.
You never know where you're going to meet your future spouse.
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Most people spend their second date taking in dinner and a movie, or something equally mundane. Tashana Landray and Angus MacLane decided to throw caution to the wind and crash a random wedding and reception. The pair chose their event based on details they found on public wedding Web sites, going so far as to concoct false stories about how they knew the happy couple. They brought a silly gift, took photos, mingled with guests and even spent time with the bride's family before calling it a night.

Acting as co-conspirators must have irreversibly bonded them, because the couple married in 2005 following a four-year courtship. Of course, their guest list wouldn't have been complete unless they included the couple whose wedding they crashed during their relationship's infancy. The crashees declined their invitation, which is unfortunate, since it probably would have made for some interesting pictures and stories.

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