5 Stories of Real-life Wedding Crashers

Not-so-secret Crashers

Renee in Memphis is one of few brides that not only knew her 1996 nuptials were being crashed, but encouraged the behavior! Renee's family noticed several men dressed in jeans and cowboy hats enjoying appetizers and drinks at her Wisconsin reception. Her father approached the group and learned that they were professional truck drivers that heard the party from the hotel bar upstairs and decided to check out the festivities.

"About an hour after they came in, we did the Dollar Dance. As the DJ was announcing it, one of the men walked up to my maid of honor and offered his cowboy hat to collect the money, then tossed in $50," Renee remembers. "I danced with him and he thanked me for letting him and his buddies crash our reception. They had been on the road for a week and were enjoying talking to new people!"