10 Wedding Reception Rituals We Wish Would Die Already


The Bouquet Toss

Does anyone really want to catch that thing?
Does anyone really want to catch that thing?
Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

We all knew this was going to make the list. By far the best-established and most-hated wedding reception tradition in the history of the world, the bouquet toss has been the bane of the bridesmaid's existence since prehistoric bridesmaids in matching mammoth skins fought one another for primitive flower arrangements thrown by prehistoric brides.

The problem is that the ceremony is doubly cruel for single ladies. Is it better for them to catch the bouquet or not? What if they came with dates? Too much enthusiasm will make you look like a lunatic, while refusing to play along is a snub to any handsome fellas in the room and could potentially put some bad juju on future romantic prospects. So much pressure!