10 Ways to Keep Guests Entertained Until Your Reception Send-off


Go Pro

Most wedding guests stick to the traditional bob, sway and shake when it comes to dancing. Anything else is just way too far out of our comfort zone. Give your guests the gift of confidence by hiring a professional dance teacher to teach the basics of a particular kind of dance.

From a country line dance to an elegant waltz, it's easy to customize the style to your wedding's theme and d├ęcor. Once guests have the basics down, cut them loose on the dance floor to enjoy their newfound skill for the evening. One client of Tiffany Gore's, a wedding coordinator in Atlanta, brought in a professional to school the guests in the finer points of Michael Jackson's famous "Thriller" choreography. Not surprisingly, this trip down memory lane was wildly popular with guests of all ages. Quite a step up from the Electric Slide, yes?