10 Ways to Keep Guests Entertained Until Your Reception Send-off


Host a Talent Show

Tons of people want to be a star for a day … or 15 minutes, at least. That's why karaoke has been so popular for such an unbearably long time. If someone with star potential is planning to attend your nuptials, consider asking him or her to perform at the fete. Perhaps your cousin sounds exactly like Elvis, or your best friend's husband was recently eliminated from one of those reality dancing shows. Whatever the talent, keep it light and fun, rather than corny (avoid 'N Sync choreography at all costs). Who knows? Maybe a Hollywood talent scout will crash your reception and discover the world's next big star.

Whatever you do, be sure that the microphone is muted following the performance. No one wants to hear your second cousin burp the alphabet. Well, maybe I do a little, but there's a time and a place, you know?