10 Ways to Keep Guests Entertained Until Your Reception Send-off


Appease the Sports Lovers

Bride Ryan Johnson dances with the University of Georgia's Hairy Dawg mascot at her reception.
Bride Ryan Johnson dances with the University of Georgia's Hairy Dawg mascot at her reception.
Photo courtesy Ryan Johnson

Southerners are passionate about several things: sweet tea, fried food and football. In fact, my August wedding date was carefully selected to avoid conflict of football interests. (I've just heard of too many guests choosing a game over a wedding.) If you've decided to hold your wedding during the hallowed late summer/fall months, it's in your best interests to consider making a few sports-related adjustments to the reception. For example, set up a TV or projector with the big game of the night where it can be easily seen by faithful fans. Sound isn't even necessary, since most diehards are happy to stare at the score ticker at the bottom of the screen. Not only will you save friends' dates from a lot of complaining, you'll almost certainly get some pretty good cheers throughout the night to keep the party revved.

I've heard tales that some people are maniacs about sports other than football, although I really can't imagine such madness. If your wedding falls during a major sporting event, like the World Series, March Madness or the World Cup, you can easily foster team spirit by passing out appropriate memorabilia, like foam fingers or pennants. If you're especially enthusiastic, you can even encourage people to bring a change of spirited team clothing to change into for the reception. Team mascots can often be rented out to pump up your crowd for an hour or two. For true fans, it just doesn't count as eternal commitment without a college kid dressed up in a giant foam animal suit!

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