10 Warm Weather Wedding Cocktails

Nothing says summer quite like a cold mojito.
Nothing says summer quite like a cold mojito.
©iStockphoto.com/Ivan Mateev

The mojito may have its roots in Cuba, but it has become a big hit in the United States over the years. Like most cocktails, there are many different fruity variations on the original recipe, but for a classic take, simply use the basic ingredients: white rum, sugar, mint leaves, lime juice and sparkling water. In Cuba, the tradition is to use spearmint, and a simple syrup mix is commonly made from pure cane sugar. Mojitos can either be made to order or pre-made in pitchers for convenience. Just remember, making them to order allows a good shake, making the drink as frothy and refreshing as it should be for your wedding.

Try these recipes:

  • Emeril's Mojito
  • Orange-Basil Mojito
  • Ugli Fruit Mojito