10 Horrific Details You Shouldn't Share in a Wedding Toast

Don't Share How Much You Dislike the Bride or Groom

A little power can be a dangerous thing. Just because you have the undivided attention of 200 people doesn't mean you should use the opportunity to dish about how much you disapprove of your friend's new spouse. No matter how much you may dislike your friend's mate, the deal is done, and your toast isn't the time to discuss it! Saying anything like, "Well, the first month of marriage will prove whether you're good enough for her" or, "We're here for you when it all goes down the drain, buddy" will only cause trouble. We guarantee you'll regret any critical words immensely.

The wedding isn't about you; it's about the couple taking the leap into matrimony. Hold your tongue, and be happy that your friend found someone she wants to spend her life with … even if you secretly wonder how in the world she could!