What goes under your gown? A Blushing Bride's Foundation Tips

Slips and Crinolines
A silky slip will keep form-fitting dresses smooth.
A silky slip will keep form-fitting dresses smooth.
Francis Hammond/Getty Images

If you've chosen an elegant and understated gown (read: sheath, sundress, anything slinky or cut on the bias), a slip might be necessary to smooth it out. This garment also provides an extra layer of lining to keep your dress from being too transparent, which is certainly a comfort when 200 of your closest family and friends, not to mention your videographer, have their eyes on you.

Brides wearing ball gowns might consider wearing a crinoline to provide that extra-special bounce that the look requires. Try on crinolines of varying fullness with your dress to achieve the perfect volume. If possible, we suggest borrowing one from a friend. Crinolines aren't particularly cheap, and after your wedding day, they outlive their usefulness. Unless, of course, you're a fairy-tale princess and plan on wearing it once a week.

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