What goes under your gown? A Blushing Bride's Foundation Tips


Your mother and grandmother probably wore some kind of hosiery with their wedding gowns, but this undergarment was standard in their days. Ladies wore panty hose, plain and simple.

Flash forward to today. Hosiery provides support (support hose, anyone?) as well as color and texture. You might wear tights in the fall and winter months, but they're not necessary for warm weather.

So, which brides need hosiery? If you're wearing a closed-toe shoe or standard heel with your wedding gown, your feet might be more comfortable with something between skin and shoe. Or, you might just like the look of a silky, stockinged leg under your gown. Prevent the problem of ill-fitting hosiery by trying on panty hose ahead of time with your gown. Be sure to pack an extra pair or two in your emergency kit in case a pesky run, snag or hole develops during the course of the day's events.

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