What goes under your gown? A Blushing Bride's Foundation Tips

Compression Garments

Way back when, women had to rely on torturous corsets for instant slimming. Fortunately for modern brides, compression garments have come an impressively long way since the days of dance cards and parasols.

Currently available on the market are Lycra and spandex slimmers for troublesome areas like the thighs, waist and belly. Early versions of these miracle workers were anything but attractive, but many lingerie manufacturers have begun to produce garments pretty enough for any bride to sport proudly. Depending on your personal needs and the silhouette of your gown, you can choose a slip, shorts or a basic girdle. Some compression garments even have built-in boning and cups to assist your bust.

Whatever option you pick, be sure to hang on to it for future use. You might think you need a little help from Lycra now, but once you pop out a kid or two, you'll definitely appreciate the supernatural capabilities that compression garments possess.

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