Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

More Tips for Brides and Grooms

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Joe'l's top 5 pieces of advice for both brides and grooms on their wedding day:

1. Try and get a good night's sleep the night before your wedding. If you don't sleep well, try and take a nap before you get your make-up done. A lot of rest will get rid of a lot of stress and will make your day a lot more enjoyable.

2. Surround yourself with people who cause you the least amount of stress. Stay away from people that will cause you stress on the day of your wedding.

3. Be organized and allow your wedding professionals enough time to do all the things you hired them to do.

4. Lean on each other.

5. Soak it all in. Eat, drink, enjoy your music. Bask in your decor. Kiss and hug each other. It will all be over sooner than you think.