Save-the-Date Cards: Optional or Necessary?

Why Ask Guests to Mark Their Calendars?

If your wedding falls near a major holiday, like Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's Eve, or you plan to have a destination wedding, save-the-date announcements are especially important. Your guests will appreciate the courteous heads-up regarding your wedding date, which will give them enough time to save money for your affair and make the proper travel arrangements.

Football season is another festive time of year that can be tough to plan a wedding around, depending on who your guests are. College football is extremely popular in the U.S., and since many games take place on Saturday, don't be surprised or offended if people have a hard time choosing which event to attend. A friend of mine planned her big day the same day as a major SEC football rivalry, and several people opted to go to the game rather than her wedding. That's bad enough, but most of the guests who came spent the reception crowded around the TV behind the bar, missing out on everything from the bride and groom's first dance to the garter toss at the end of the night.

Moral of the story: You know your guests better than anyone else! If you think having your wedding on a holiday or the weekend of a major football game will be a problem, you might want to consider choosing another date.

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