To Have, Hold and Hyphenate: Your Married Name

Forging New Alliances -- and New Names

Deb G. found another way to play the name game. She and her husband combined elements of their last names to form an entirely new last name.

"We really saw our relationship as a partnership, the merger of two equal partners," Deb says. As for taking on his name? "Assuming my husband's name was incongruent with that belief," she continues. "When we married, we merged our names and wrote on our wedding invitation, 'As we join our lives, we also join our names, hereafter to be known as [name withheld].' "

For instance, if Sophia Hancock married Stephen Bradley, they might become Mr. and Mrs. Hanley -- or Mr. and Mrs. Bradcock. Or Emily McComb and Nick Anderson could take the name McAnders.

Whatever married name you're mulling over, weigh all your options. Next, we'll talk about a few big-picture considerations.

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