Finding the Right Season for Your Bridal Style

Cool Seasons: Things to Consider
If the idea of snow on your wedding day seems romantic, you're a winter bride.
If the idea of snow on your wedding day seems romantic, you're a winter bride.

Remember, a winter wedding won't necessarily feel wintery. Location and time of year will heavily impact the vibe. Host your soiree in Miami in late November, and you'll enjoy highs around 80 degrees and lows around 67 degrees -- that's comparable to summer temperatures in places like Seattle or San Francisco!

On the other hand, if you want your cool-season bash to have an autumnal or wintry vibe, that's fine, too. Just select a geographical region or specific site for your ceremony and reception that fits the bill. Say you've got your heart set on a Valentine's Day wedding. Narrow down what possible venues offer in terms of atmosphere (formal versus casual), weather and ease of transportation for you and guests. If you're going for a tropical destination wedding on Feb. 14, you'll probably need to focus your search on coastal southern cities. But if you're after an ultra-romantic, cozy-by-the-fire feeling, any number of bed and breakfasts or lodges in northern states would work.

Wherever you tie the knot, your wedding colors should match the tone of the season. Muted colors with black undertones -- like olive, cranberry or chocolate -- are appropriate. Shy away from vivid hues or pastels.

If you've always envisioned your bridal party in classic black, a fall or winter wedding would be ideal. Keep in mind that black is a more formal color. It's an easy way to make a room's ambiance or your clothing seem more elegant and upscale. Darker colors tend look richer, more formal and serious.

Here's something else to consider: Fewer flowers are in season during cooler parts of the year. That means you probably won't have as many flower choices -- or you'll pay more for the blooms you want. You can also get creative with the Christmas spirit by displaying seasonal greenery -- pine, fir and berries, for instance.

These guidelines should help you enjoy the planning process. Happy hunting for the best season for you!

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