Finding the Right Season for Your Bridal Style

Why the Season Matters

The season will resonate in all elements of your wedding -- from the venue and your color scheme to the bridesmaid dresses. Also, pricing and availability of things like food and flowers vary by season. For instance, daffodils in the spring are inexpensive, but if you want them for your bouquet any other time of year, they may not be available, or you'll end up paying a bundle more for them.

As you begin to imagine your perfect day, think big-picture first. How big of an event do you want? Do you envision your guests sitting outside under budding trees, or is everyone looking cozy inside a candle-lit chapel? You wouldn't pick out a necklace before you chose a wedding gown and know the neckline, right? Same concept goes here.

Having trouble finding the right season or you? We'll help you determine what's important to you and the kind of experience you want your guests to have. First up, we've got fresh ideas for a warm-weather wedding in spring or summer.

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