5 Wedding Planning Tips for the Type A Bride


Pick Your Organizational Pleasure

The days and months following a happily accepted proposal are truly a type A bride's time to shine. Thanks to their meticulous note-taking abilities and organizational prowess, type A women are already equipped with most of the necessary tools for planning a beautiful wedding. Before scheduling even the first cake-tasting appointment, brides of all persuasions would be wise to devise a specific organizational system. Electronically inclined brides might choose to keep appointments scheduled on computer or Blackberry, whereas others might select the old-fashioned (yet trusty) paper day planner.

Whichever method you choose, commit to one form from the very beginning or risk appointments falling through the cracks. Unless you have a photographic memory, wedding planning isn't the time to rely simply on your brain to keep things in order. Details will surely be flying from every angle, leaving brides without an organizational system frazzled and frustrated.