10 Wedding Planning Must-dos Before the I-dos


Prenup It Up

There's a reason wedding vows don't read "Til death do you part or you get sick of each other, whichever comes first." No one wants to admit the possibility that a happy union could dissolve down the line.

Despite this sunny outlook, more couples are opting to protect themselves in the event of divorce with a prenuptial agreement. Obviously, a prenup safeguards the wealthier person from getting taken to the cleaners in divorce court. But on the flip side, a prenup provides protection for the other person, who might've given up a fledgling career to care for the kids.

Experts insist that prenups shouldn't cause contention. If arrangements are conducted openly and honestly, a prenup can help couples express their financial expectations. And with any luck, the prenup will eventually prove to be a waste of time and money (but a smart precaution, nonetheless).