10 Stay-cool Tips for Summer Brides

Image Gallery: Wedding Gowns You're staying cool in that slinky dress, but what about your guests? See more pictures of wedding gowns.
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For brides who aren't put off by a little bit of extra heat and humidity, summertime is the perfect season for a beautiful wedding. Out-of-town guests appreciate summer nuptials because their kids are out of school and bosses are often more lenient with vacation time. Top it off with radiant sunshine and clear, blue skies, and you've got the perfect backdrop for wedding pictures. What's the downside? It's entirely likely that a heat wave will be in full effect during your wedding.

With weather-related inconveniences being a serious concern, it might seem surprising that so many brides opt for a summer ceremony. According to The Knot, 34.5 percent of all weddings take place in June, July or August, making these months the second, fourth and third most popular for weddings. Love the sunshine, hate the pit stains? There are many creative and cost-effective options to ensure comfort on your big day.