10 Tips for a Child-friendly Wedding

Keep 'em Separated
Restless kids might fare better in a separate playroom.
Restless kids might fare better in a separate playroom.
Seiya Kawamoto/Getty Images

Kids are unpredictable, at best. If you don't mind a few murmurs during the ceremony or some excited squeals at the reception, mingle with the munchkins! After all, that's why you invited them, right?

But, you can opt to keep kid-related distractions at a minimum by establishing a separate playroom for children under a certain age. Surrounded by toys, movies and snacks, kids will be thrilled to wreak havoc under the watchful eye of a background-checked babysitter. Or, family and friends with kids can rotate watch so kids are with a familiar face and adults get to enjoy the party, too.

Of course, you can't require a parent to leave his or her child in the care of a stranger, but chances are good that grown-ups will jump at the opportunity to enjoy a few hours among party-goers who are capable of cutting their own food.

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