10 Tips for a Child-friendly Wedding


Fun Favors

Some inexpensive toy cars will entertain them for hours.
Some inexpensive toy cars will entertain them for hours.
Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

One way to make your wedding more enjoyable for younger guests is to provide favors they can appreciate.

Rather than mints or matches, consider giving candy favors as an alternative. Among today's delicious options are personalized M&Ms or chocolates molded into the shape of wedding bells or hearts. Some brides create candy shop favor tables, where guests can fill up bags or boxes with selections from jars filled with favorites -- everything from jelly beans and sour worms to peanut butter cups and lollipops. It goes without saying that this new tradition is popular with grown-ups and kids.

But not every favor has to be edible. You can hit up the dollar store for small toy favors that kids can enjoy during the party. These extra treats don't have to be over-the-top. A princess crown or some plastic cars are often all it takes to occupy tiny hands and minds for hours on end -- or at least until the wedding cake is cut!