10 Rules Every Bridesmaid Should Follow

Don’t stand around waiting for an assignment. Anticipate the bride’s needs. See pictures of bridesmaid dresses.

You've been a good friend to the bride, so being a good bridesmaid should be easy, right? It absolutely can be. But you'd be surprised how many ladies in the bridal party often miss the mark. Careless comments or whacked out priorities or perspective can mess with a bride's head or darken an otherwise joyous moment. In fact, too many wind up making their friend's wedding about themselves or failing to support the bride in the ways she needs.

But this won't be you.

After all, you're well intentioned (or you wouldn't be reading this) and you've got our 10 clear-cut rules to help you navigate this special role. You're going to rock it! The bride is sure to appreciate your love and support throughout the exciting (and sometimes stressful) wedding planning process. Stick to these 10 tips and you can't go wrong. How could you? They all come down to tangibly demonstrating support and selflessness.

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