10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner


Will you be with us on our big day?

One of the perks of having a wedding planner is that he or she will coordinate your wedding day and handle any emergencies so you can relax and have fun. Unfortunately, not all wedding planners will be at the venue on the day of your wedding. Those that are may not plan to attend your rehearsal dinner or other big wedding events. Before you sign any contracts, ask planners how long they intend to stay through the ceremony and reception. Also ask what time they plan to arrive before the wedding and what time they'll leave. If a planner won't be there for the live show, find out exactly what tasks he or she will handle that day in terms of setup, scheduling or running out for more champagne if the bar runs dry. Be sure to get the name of your point person for any other incidentals.

When the wedding's over, the planner's work isn't done. Inquire if the planner will stay after the ceremony to oversee cleanup and to collect and deliver wedding gifts to your home. Finally, ask if he or she will handle post-wedding tasks, such as collecting your deposits from vendors and returning rented items.