10 Creative and Cost-saving Wedding Invitations


Let Your Sense of Humor Shine Through

Prepare your guests for a unique wedding experience with one-of-a-kind invitations. Unless you're planning a very formal ceremony, there's no need to stick with standard wedding invitations. Instead, focus on creative or whimsical invitations that let the fun start well before your wedding day.

If you or your partner has a bit of artistic skill, consider creating an illustrated comic book that clues in guests on the tone of your wedding. Include your favorite inside jokes and funny stories about your relationship, along with all the wedding details. For a fun twist on the classic invitation, print your wedding information on lightweight paper, roll it up to form a scroll, tie it with a ribbon, and mail it in a sturdy cardboard poster tube. Some couples may wish to create cleverly folded invitations, or invitations with hidden pockets that resemble the classic secret spy message. You can also create an invitation with a custom crossword, word find or Mad Lib puzzle that your guests will have fun filling out. Remember, it's your wedding, so toss aside traditional and choose an invitation that fits your personality.