10 Biggest Wedding Expenses


The Honeymoon

Can you put a price tag on scenery this serene?
Can you put a price tag on scenery this serene?

Nearly 85 percent of couples enjoy a romantic honeymoon after the wedding, though the cost of this trip is rarely included in the wedding budget. Because you'll be setting aside funds for the honeymoon around the time you're in the thick of wedding planning, we think it's helpful to take a frank look at the cost.

A week at a tropical resort will set couples back more than $5,000, yet this cost is almost an afterthought compared to the huge expense of the wedding itself. Those who choose a more elaborate vacation spot or a longer getaway may spend tens of thousands of dollars.

Surprisingly, a full 1 in 10 couples combine the wedding and honeymoon into a single experience with a destination wedding. The cost of flying in relatives and friends, or paying for wedding services at a luxe resort can easily surpass standard stateside wedding and honeymoon costs. Paying for paradise doesn't come cheap!