10 Biggest Wedding Expenses


The Dress

You've been dreaming of a dress like this...
You've been dreaming of a dress like this...

For many brides, the wedding is all about the dress. But when the dress plays such a major role, it can be difficult to stick to a budget. After all, how do you put a price on the perfect dress for your special day?

Even the least expensive wedding gowns cost several hundred dollars, while designer creations can cost tens of thousands. In fact, the average bride spends $1,134 on the dress alone -- and accessories like shoes, a veil or headpiece, jewelry and lingerie can add another $600 to the bride's attire expenses. Is that all? Let's not forget that some brides like to change out of cumbersome wedding gowns and wear a short dress to the reception, and some like to wear a sporty getaway outfit for the grand send-off. If you're planning several wardrobe changes throughout the evening, budget accordingly!