10 Completely Awful (and Anonymous) Bridesmaid Tales of Woe

Bachelorette Party Blunder

Every bride looks forward to her bachelorette party as one last chance to experience a crazy night on the town with bridesmaids and other close girlfriends in tow. It's popular nowadays to book an out-of-town trip to celebrate a final fling, but conflicting schedules and budget constraints can make planning a weekend getaway difficult. Sometimes, the most convenient way to get the wedding party together is to throw the bachelorette party the same weekend that the wedding takes place. However, to any bridesmaids thinking about hosting the bride's last naughty night on the town hours only before she walks down the aisle, one bridesmaid in particular begs you to reconsider.

"The night before her wedding, my cousin insisted that we order several rounds of shots at a local bar to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. As supportive bridesmaids, we all obliged," she says. "By the time last call rolled around, the bride was dancing on top of the bar, three sheets to the wind. When she tried to climb down off the bar by herself, she lost her footing and fell to the floor, badly twisting her ankle."

Long story short, the bride ended up at the altar in a bright purple cast instead of her designer satin pumps. "Learn from my cousin's mistake," the former bridesmaid advises, "and plan the bachelorette party months before the wedding. This gives the bride and her friends plenty of time to recover!"