Here Comes the Bride ... to U2?

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Michael Blann/Thinkstock

Washington state is known not only for its intense rainfall but also for its lush forests that grow because of it. One such woodland -- a grassy clearing at the base of the Cascade Mountains -- is where Jennie Barna decided to get married. On a sunny, summer day, guests gathered next to a stream and watched her walk down a flower-strewn path to U2's "Beautiful Day." A beautiful day, indeed!

As a friend and guest at the affair, I thought the song seemed perfectly suited to the occasion -- and to the happy couple. Why go traditional if your wedding (or you and your groom) aren't mainstream folks? You don't have to! And this bride explains why.

"We didn't want … traditional … stale and old and overdone. We wanted to make [the wedding] unique in our own way," Barna says. "It's a joyous song. I had a lot of people say ours was one of the nicest ceremonies they've been to."

It's funny how we categorize things based on our perspective. To one person, "traditional" equates to classic and timeless. To another, the word takes on a pejorative meaning that's code for tired, unoriginal and cliché.

Where do you fall on this spectrum? It's helpful to know this before you start looking for that all-important song you'll walk down the aisle to. If you find yourself a bit outside of the mainstream (or miles from it), you may want to pick a fresh, unestablished song for your big entrance. This song will set the tone for the ceremony and give everyone a peek at your bridal style before the reception, so there's a lot to consider when choosing it.