10 Picture-Perfect Wedding Poses and Candids


The Send-off

The bride and groom prepare to drive off for their honeymoon.
The bride and groom prepare to drive off for their honeymoon.
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Eventually, the happy couple flees the scene after the wedding and reception. Guests often give them a traditional send-off, making them walk through a shower of rice, birdseed or bubbles. This moment is a must-have candid photo opportunity for any wedding.

Besides the bride and groom, the getaway car is often a featured character in the event. Some couples go out in style in a limousine, classic car, or horse and carriage. A popular tradition for those using their personal cars is that members of the wedding party, often the groomsmen, will adorn the getaway car with shaving cream, streamers, aluminum cans and other d├ęcor as a gag gift to the couple. Besides taking pictures of the couple in the car, photograph the vehicle at different angles in advance so the couple can enjoy the details they might miss in the rush of the send-off.

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