10 Dead Giveaways You've Hired a Dud DJ


He Doesn't Have Time for a Free Consultation

You meet your DJ for the first time on the big day, and as soon as you see him, you realize you've made a huge mistake. He's unkempt, unprofessional and hardly seems prepared. Oh, and he's two hours late, though you fear the MP3 mix you've been using in his stead is doing a better job than this guy will.

Kevin Cheek, owner of Dawg-Town Entertainment and DJ, is not such a DJ. He's respected throughout the industry, and as the owner of the company, he's a busy guy, but he still takes the time to personally meet with all his clients. We know, the last thing you want to do is meet with another person about your wedding, but think about it: You meet with your caterer, florist and wedding planner, so why wouldn't you meet with your DJ?

Cheek puts it differently. He says: "Months down the road, your guests aren't going to remember the chicken fingers or the taste of the cake, but they will remember the dancing, the mood and flow of the night, all of which is the result of a great DJ, and you're not going to know who you've hired unless you meet with him beforehand."

As you'll see in this article, your DJ can do a lot of dumb things, but nothing is scarier than bringing in a complete stranger to host your event.