10 Dead Giveaways You've Hired a Dud DJ

This DJ isn't giving off good vibes.
This DJ isn't giving off good vibes.

The bass is thumping, you're getting down with your hubby, and everyone from your new sister-in-law to your great-granny is out on the dance floor shaking what they've got. However, the dancing comes to a standstill when the DJ spins an old 2 Live Crew song that's offensive, highly inappropriate and certainly not on your approved playlist. The shocked look on your great-granny's face makes you wonder if you're going to be spending the rest of your wedding night in the ER instead of your honeymoon suite.

A million different things can go wrong at your wedding, but your DJ's performance doesn't have to be one of them. The right disc jockey will get your booty moving and all of your guests dancing -- not just the 20-somethings.

But there are a lot of dud DJs out there. In a perfect world, you'd have time to read reviews of your chosen music provider and watch his sample videos. You'd be able to pick up on the warning signs and move on to the next candidate.

What often happens is that brides pick DJs without doing their research, and they get the shock of a lifetime out on the dance floor. Here are 10 dead giveaways you'd hired a total dud.