10 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Things That Might Happen at Your Wedding

Floral Flop
Love: perky, pink roses. Hate: limp bouquets.
Love: perky, pink roses. Hate: limp bouquets.

Flowers are moody little things. They require just the right amount of light and water and the perfect temperature to remain fresh and lovely from the time they're arranged to the time your ceremony begins. Since they're certainly not cheap to come by, many brides are opting to order them online and have them shipped immediately prior to their weddings.

Removing the florist from the equation can spell big trouble for your blooms if you're not extra careful. Susan Garcia of Atlanta learned that lesson the hard way when she and her helpers unpacked her wedding flowers the day before the ceremony.

"Some of the flowers were fine, but most wilted," said Susan. "It was probably a result of how they were handled post-arrival. We had to unpack them and keep them in water, and it was a challenge to find containers to hold them all."

Susan was blessed with a crafty maid of honor who used the remaining live flowers and other garden blooms to create lovely, last-minute bouquets and arrangements. If you find yourself in such a situation but without the artistic MOH to pull off any miracles, rest assured that many step-by-step floral arranging instructions are available online. If you're truly down to crunch time, buy some roses, lilies or sunflowers and have your attendants carry a single stem down the aisle.

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