10 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Things That Might Happen at Your Wedding

Location, Location, Location
You have every right to demand perfection from your reception hall.
You have every right to demand perfection from your reception hall.

Brides who spend weeks or even months scouting venues expect them to be pretty near perfect once the big day rolls around. Your standard reception hall or church tends to live up to its promises nicely, since events of this nature are what they're designed for. Occasionally, even the best sites mess up, and it's every bride's right to (nicely) demand to get what you paid for. Minor issues, like the wrong color tablecloths or dirty restrooms, can be easily and quickly fixed. Larger problems usually require more elbow grease, if they can be fixed at all. Remember Susan Garcia with the wilted flowers? Her blooms weren't her No. 1 concern.

The bride rented a beach house to use for the reception and a little decompressing time the week before the wedding. "When we checked in, it was clear that the spring breakers had done some serious damage to the place the weeks prior. There were cracked tiles, windows and counters." In short, the place was wrecked. Not exactly where you want to do your champagne toast, right?

Since they arrived in plenty of time to scout the place out, Susan was able to work with the property management company to be moved to another rental down the street. Although it wasn't ideal in terms of logistics, everything ended up working out nicely for her tropical nuptials.

"I'm happy to say that it was eight years ago and I couldn't be happier with my man!" Susan insisted.

When all is said and done, that's all that really matters. Although they certainly deserve a smoother 10th anniversary celebration!

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