10 Adorable (Read: Shocking) Things We've Seen Kids Do at Weddings

Making Noises

Like your sister's immature husband, kids love fart noises. It doesn't matter if they're 5 or 15, chances are, if they hear a poot, they'll laugh (especially if they're male). While a little potty humor isn't a problem by itself, when you combine a group of rowdy kids with a wedding they probably didn't want to attend in the first place, you get an abundance of fake farts and an inconsolable bride.

It all started with one ill-mannered adolescent. Shortly before the ceremony began, the kid put his palms to his lips and made a cacophonous farting sound that echoed throughout the cathedral. Since the ceremony hadn't started, several adults made the mistake of laughing. A few minutes later, as the wedding party was making its way down the aisle, another boy made a similar, louder noise, and then it was all over. The bride's footfalls were covered by the sounds of passing gas, and by the time the couple was preparing to say their vows, a tearful bride turned to the audience and begged for silence. Her request was granted for a few moments, but before the birdseed was tossed, the farts were back in full force. When the unpleasant sounds followed the newly hitched couple to the reception, they shortened the schedule of events and escaped to the bridal suite hours early. It was perhaps the saddest wedding we've seen, and no one but the clandestine pooters enjoyed themselves.

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