10 Adorable (Read: Shocking) Things We've Seen Kids Do at Weddings

Innocent (But Still Inappropriate) Touching
Chocolate on a face is one thing. On a wedding gown, it's another.
Chocolate on a face is one thing. On a wedding gown, it's another.
Marcy Maloy/Getty Images

It's no secret that children like touching things. In some social situations (like weddings), it's better for everyone if kids keep their hands to themselves. Think we're being too schoolmarmish? Well, we once saw a messy wedding disaster that could've been avoided with a simple no-touching policy.

It all started so innocently. While most of the adults were dancing, the chocolate fondue fountain caught one little girl's eye. She climbed on a nearby chair and proceeded to stick her hands into the fondue, then rubbed her chocolaty mitts all over her face and body.

The chocolate child caught someone's eye, but by then it was too late. Covered in sticky fondue, the girl ran toward the bride and gave her newly hitched friend a big hug, ruining her expensive gown. While everyone was staring at the horrified bride, the cute little troublemaker found the wedding cake and started eating it with her fingers. Oh, and somehow during all this, the bride's heirloom tiara disappeared, only to be found later by the cleanup crew in a potted plant, covered with chocolate fondue.

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