10 Adorable (Read: Shocking) Things We've Seen Kids Do at Weddings

Crying and Screaming

Have you ever gone to a highly anticipated movie only to have the entire film ruined by a screaming baby?

Well, imagine that at your wedding. Babies cry; it's not their fault, and when guests arrive at your wedding with tots in tow, you know there's going to be some periodic wailing. But if parents are negligent in their duties, your wedding will be remembered more for the screaming infant than for your deeply felt vows, the candlelit service or your five-tiered wedding cake.

How big of a distraction can a tiny baby be? Well, we once saw (and heard) a babe wailing so loudly that the bride and groom's vows were rendered completely inaudible. It was so bad that the bride even turned and gave the child's parents a pleading look, but received nothing back but blank stares. The parents and their screaming child were not-so-conspicuously absent at later weddings in the same social circle, but that didn't help the couple whose big day was irrevocably ruined by poor parenting skills and one child's shockingly loud pipes.