Best Bridal Bouquets for Spring

For spring brides, the floral options for bouquets are nearly endless. See more bridal bouquet pictures.

Although floral bouquets seem to be an eternal wedding tradition, brides didn't always carry flowers at their weddings. In many ancient cultures, it was common for brides to wear garlands or carry bunches of garlic, herbs and spices. The strong smells were thought to ward off evil spirits. As time progressed, however, fragrant flowers replaced the stiff odors formally favored by ladies about to say "I do." By the time Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were wed in 1840, floral bridal bouquets were on their way to becoming a new tradition and were chosen based on the meaning of each bloom. Today, most brides choose their bouquets based on color, style and taste.

There are more than 270,000 types of flowering plants in the world today, so the options are endless for floral arrangements. Spring is said to be a time of renewal for plant life, making it the season of choice for creating a wedding bouquet. Orchids, peonies, larkspurs, calla lilies, poppies, lilacs, stargazers, tulips, birds of paradise, delphiniums, gardenias and hyacinths are among the most fertile of flowers during the spring months.

For spring weddings, color is king. Vivid bouquets are always popular, and because flowers are so abundant and colorful this time of year, you can create an arrangement that will capture the eye and stand out on your big day. Pastels are also very popular for brides who choose to go with a softer palate. Try dark and light pink roses with pink alstroemeria; you can thrown in some green mums for a beautiful display that will accent any spring wedding perfectly. You could even put together an array of colorful gerber daisies for a vibrant, playful look. Lilies of the valley are expensive blooms, but you can pair them with pale irises, delphiniums and hydrangeas for a beautiful combination of whites and blues.

Some ladies carry an all white bouquet, which is a classic, beautiful choice for any bride. To keep the blooms from blending in with your dress, add lots of texture and don't be timid about including greenery. Try white roses, peonies, ranunculus and mini-callas with green foliage placed between blossoms. You can also choose white flowers with dark centers, such as anemones.

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