10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake


Candy Bar

No, we're not referring to a giant Snickers or Three Musketeers (although that does sound fantastic). Instead, envision all your favorite sugary treats displayed colorfully on what is sure to be an exceptionally drooled-over buffet.

The beauty of the candy bar is that the options are virtually limitless. Everyone enjoys traditional favorites like M&Ms, chocolate-covered raisins, Gummy Bears, Red Hots, Sweet Tarts and rainbow-colored lollipops, all of which are obtainable in bulk. Or, you can opt to provide candies in colors that mesh well with your ceremony's chosen hues, particularly since most of these sweets can be specially ordered in specific shades.

To serve, simply dish your treats into decorative bowls and let your guests have at it. Make sure someone's responsible for monitoring the status of the candy bar throughout the reception, though. Nothing starts a riot faster than a dispute over the last handful of Reese's Pieces.