10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake


Cupcake Cake

If the surge in cupcake shops and overall availability of the sweet treat are any indication, cupcakes would be a smash hit at any wedding reception. Wedding guests of all ages are sure to devour everything from traditional vanilla to more creative flavors and fillings.

Cupcake cakes can be served in tower form or as pull-apart cakes. The latter can be decorated like a traditional sheet cake, making it a great option for grooms' cakes since many brides like to get creative with the design and theme on their secondary desserts. However, cupcake towers can be every bit as beautiful and nuptially-appropriate as a standard wedding cake in both appearance and formality. As an added bonus, cupcake cakes are a cinch to serve. Simply pick one up and put it on a plate -- no pesky or messy cake cutter is necessary to enjoy this delectable dessert.