10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Image Gallery: Ultimate Cake Off White wedding cakes are for classic brides who dance to Sinatra. You dance to Ozzy. See pictures of cakes from Ultimate Cake Off.

No one's going to argue that a beautiful cake isn't an integral part of a traditional wedding reception. For many couples, an elegant, tiered cake is non-negotiable, and skipping it would seem strange. Although wedding cakes are still the most common reception treat, they aren't the last word in desserts by a long shot. In fact, some brides and grooms choose to add an extra dessert to the table, while others replace the standard cake outright!

For couples who want to start their marriage on an extra sweet note, there are plenty of other options to choose from. Coming up are 10 alternatives that don't necessarily involve frosting, but are sure to satisfy the hankerings of hungry wedding-goers!