5 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Florist


What Kind of Extras Do You Need?

Being aware of what kind of extras you'll need can be a lifesaver when choosing a florist. The more ground your florist can cover for you by getting everything done in one place, the better! Besides the regular trappings of centerpieces and the bride's bouquet, there are tons of other ways to get more mileage out of your florist -- petals for the send-off, corsages for honored guests like readers and grandmothers, and small floral arrangements to make the venue's restrooms look elegant.

But a good florist doesn't have to stop with flowers. The right candles, furniture, ornaments and tableware all have to make a smashing singular impression. One-stop shopping with a single versatile floral designer means a coherent aesthetic and less wedding-planning headaches!

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