10 Strange and Unique Wedding Cakes



Sure, there are plenty of things you can do to make your wedding cake stand out, but if you really want something strange and unique, don't use a cake at all. Instead, serve your guests cheesecake! OK, so it's called a cake, but it's technically more like a pie, and it's a perfect option for any cake-averse brides and grooms -- yes, we know you're out there. Don't worry, it'll still look like a traditional tiered wedding cake if you want it to, and you're not stuck with cheesecake's traditional flavor.

As with regular wedding cakes, a good baker should have no problem whipping up a cheesecake in just about any flavor you choose. How about a vanilla and milk-chocolate cheesecake on a praline cookie crust or a butter cookie crust filled with coffee, mocha and vanilla-flavored cheesecake? If that's not enough, adorn your cheesy wedding cake with berries, edible flowers or even whipped cream. Now, are you still thinking about a traditional cake? We didn't think so.