10 Popular Wedding Floral Trends


Family Honor

You might be taking his name, but you're not relinquishing any bonds to your family's heritage. So why not pay tribute to the ones who got you this far though your floral d├ęcor?

If you're more partial to sentiment than design, try incorporating personal family items into your floral arrangements. You can use anything from pieces of your family's best china to objects you saw every day growing up. Your mother's trusty watering can would make an excellent vase, and a few flowers would look great placed in between your dad's favorite bookends. You can even use a strip of fabric from your mother's wedding dress to wrap your bouquet. Your husband-to-be can contribute his own heirlooms, and you can intermingle the arrangements in a symbolic merging of your two families. Place simple but pretty handwritten note cards next to each piece to explain its significance, and you'll have fantastic conversation starters for all your guests. This isn't the most formal floral design scheme, but it will hold special significance to both you and the people who matter most.