10 Popular Wedding Floral Trends


Asian Atmosphere

Asian fusion floral design is a lot like Asian fusion cuisine: It merges Japanese and Chinese cultural trends and traditions into a single offering that, while not representative of either country specifically, incorporates and celebrates different elements of both (kind of like Tex-Mex food and d├ęcor). Asian fusion design schemes can be employed by any bride from any background who wants a style that's both trendy and unique.

Cherry blossoms, orchids and bamboo stalks are must-haves for Asian fusion floral arrangements, but how you use or group them is entirely up to you. Glass vases with river stones, orchids and blossoms are always beautiful, as are simple bamboo table markers. To enhance the atmosphere, string paper lanterns across the dance floor, and place ivory-colored chopsticks at each place setting.

As with any trendy design scheme, use discretion. If you get too carried away, your event will look more like an over-the-top Chinese restaurant instead of the elegant celebration you've been dreaming of.